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Quantifying Sustainable Investment – Open Course

24. Juni um 9:0026. Juni um 18:00


The open course “Quantifying Sustainable Investment” provides insights and approaches for evaluating investment decisions on the basis of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in a three-day format. The focus is on applied training for sustainable investors, enabling participants to better understand ESG concepts and data and to conduct initial independent analyses with them.


The world is facing unprecedented sustainability challenges such as climate change, rapid species extinction, and overall resource scarcity. Meeting these challenges requires effective cooperation between all social actors. The European Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth, or Sustainable Finance Action Plan, focuses on the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) fields of activity in order to achieve sustainability goals together with the financial sector. For institutional investors, these developments create a situation in which the risk-return profile of investments has to be evaluated according to new criteria. Specifically, they are facing the following challenges:

1. Disagreement still exists on the exact definition of ESG domains and the relative importance of the dimensions;

2. Especially with regard to the measurement of ESG criteria, there is currently a confusing variety of data sources and data sets and a lack of integration and standardization – first studies show significant discrepancies, e.g., in the area of ESG ratings;

3. Investors often lack the methodological skills to work with the complex data sets (large samples, large number of indicators, longi- tudinal data, etc.) and draw valid insights from them.

210309_Factsheet Quantifying Sustainable Investment


24. Juni um 9:00
26. Juni um 18:00